OnPoint@Home’s team of Advocacy Coordinators are made up of skilled communicators and writers who are interested in current events and want a fast-paced but flexible opportunity. Working from the comfort of their homes all across the country, Advocacy Coordinators make outbound phone calls to recruit, educate, and mobilize constituents on a wide variety of issues. Although geographically far apart, we act as a single unit that works to maintain a strong team dynamic and build a sense of camaraderie. In fact, many of our Advocacy Coordinators have become close friends even though they have never met in person.

More and more companies are utilizing work-at-home agents to maximize their flexibility and adapt to new and exciting technological advancements. We offer the flexibility that people want—the opportunity to spend more time with their families and still be challenged by working on new and rewarding projects. We invite you to browse our website and see if you have what it takes to become a member of our team.