…I’ve been an Advocacy Coordinator for 9 months. After receiving my degree in literature, I was ready to join the workforce and put my degree to good use. After several years of working a 9-to-5 office job, I found my work unfulfilling and overly stressful. And with the birth of my second child, I felt the need to focus my energy on my family. After several months, I decided to go back to work in order to supplement my family’s income. I hoped to find a position that offered flexible work hours so I could stay at home and take care of my children.

A friend of mine referred me to OnPoint@Home. OnPoint@Home offers a unique, team-oriented environment. I enjoy having the chance to communicate on a personal level with diverse groups of people throughout the country, and I have found the job to be both personally rewarding and intellectually stimulating. I have worked at OnPoint@Home for nine months and have since accepted additional responsibilities; I now manage my own team of Advocacy Coordinators!

Using cutting-edge technology and working with a dedicated staff, we help shape the debate in Washington. I am proud of the work I’ve done with OnPoint@Home, and I encourage anyone looking for a job that offers flexible hours and the opportunity to work at home to apply. I’ve referred several of my friends and they love being part of the team. I bet you would too.